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Bristol Personal Injury Claims

Lines open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call today for a no obligation chat and quote for no win no fee* compensation on accident claims in the Bristol area.

Accident Claims Bristol

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“We have a team of personal injury experts serving Bristol who are available now to discuss your personal injury or accident and can talk you through the claims process. We take great pride in the service we provide and look forward to hearing from you.


Welcome to Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol.  Our panel of specialist personal injury lawyers** serving Bristol and Avon can offer you free legal advice on an accident claim where you were injured and it wasn’t your fault.


Call us today for a no-obligation discussion about the circumstances surrounding you accident and we can give you immediate feedback on whether or not it will be possible to claim for personal injury compensation with our solicitors**.


Our panel of no win no fee* solicitors all work on a this arrangement meaning there is no financial risk for you. All it takes is one quick and easy phone call to get started with our friendly and expert team of advisers.

Why Choose Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol?

When you have an accident it can be a stressful time.  That’s where we can help.  Our personal injury lawyers pride themselves on being friendly, caring, and professional. We explain everything in very simple terms, and will take the strain of worry from you.

So for example, if you are worried about mounting costs due to your injuries, or time off works, then our solicitors can advise you on the steps to take, and in some cases get personal injury compensation brought forward to help you with daily expenditure.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Accident Claims Bristol

Our solicitors can immediately look into the circumstances surrounding the accident claim, and meet you at our offices, your home, or even in hospital.  As part of the accident claims process we will gather witness statements, talk to third parties, contact any relevant insurance companies, pursue claims for loss of earnings, and make sure that you receive the best medical care possible.  It really is very easy to get started with a personal injury claim in Bristol so don’t delay and speak to us today.

Find out how you can claim for compensation by calling:

0117 321 5274

What Types of Personal Injury Claims Do We Work On?

Personal Injury Claims Bristol

Perhaps you don’t see your injury type listed above – that’s no reason not to call Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol as accidents and injuries can occur at any place and time.  Because our panel of personal injury solicitors** have years of experience in working with Bristol residents and workers we can always advise you on the best course of action to take.  So if you are still unsure about the process then simply call us today and let a qualified Bristol personal injury lawyer advise you on the next steps to claiming accident compensation.

No Win No Fee Bristol

Personal Injury Bristol – Our Promise to You

Accidents will happen, it’s a fact of life, and can affect anyone at any time no matter how careful you are.  However, if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence where they were to blame, then we believe that it’s only fair that you should be compensated for your pain, discomfort, suffering, and financial losses.

By law, you have the right to make a compensation claim against a third party where they are to blame for your injuries and damages.  It could be another car driver, the company that you work for, someone you work with, or an accident in a public place.

In simple terms if you were injured due to someone else not taking the correct steps to ensure your safety then that’s where Personal Injury Bristol can help you.

We will offer you the peace of mind in knowing that you are represented by a personal injury solicitor** that cares.  A company that will fight to win you the compensation that you deserve.  Our panel of lawyers and solicitors will do everything in their power to make sure you are happy with the outcome and get compensated as you legal rights say you should.

Our panel will look to represent you to the best of their ability, with prudence, respect, and professionalism.

We are operated by Friends Legal and are part of one of the UK’s leading claims management teams, and help to recover millions of pounds in personal injury compensation each and every year for people around the UK, as well as in Bristol.

We have an excellent reputation as our clients are given access to the justice system so that can get the awards they deserve for personal injury.  We are committed to all of our clients to operate a transparent and quality service at all times.

How No Win No Fee* Bristol Works

Using our services is very easy. We make things as simple as possible.  If you have been injured in an accident in the last three years then you are within the time limit where injury claims can be made (there is no limit on children).

No Win No Fee Solicitors Bristol

When you call our hotline you will first talk to a claims specialist who will give you advice before you are given an appointment with one of our lawyers.  You will be asked a few simple questions in order to qualify whether or not you are eligible to claim for compensation.

If we feel that there is a case to answer you be scheduled an appointment with one of our solicitors. Bristol clients have the peace of mind that we endeavour to connect you up with a lawyer that is a specialist in your type of claim.

Your appointed lawyer will then represent your case and look to seek early compensation payments – and in most cases this will occur outside of court with settlements made with no need to sit before a judge.  Most or our work accident claims and car accident claims are completed in this manner.

No Win No Fee* Solicitors Bristol Require No Upfront Fees

Because you are using one of our solicitors you don’t need to pay any upfront fees or legal expenses. Our solicitors work on your case to ensure that they do the best to succeed due to the arrangement that you have with them.

The lawyer will only be paid upon successful completion of a personal injury claim.

Find out how you can claim for compensation by calling:

0117 321 5274