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Golfer Sues for £50K in Personal Injury Damages Due to a Slip in the Shower

The Daily Telegraph recently reported how a man sued his golf club after slipping up in the shower.  It makes for interesting reading, as cases like this could have an impact on how personal injury laws are used in the UK. Apparently the man, a Mr Avery, fell over after slipping up on a shower mat […]

New Statistics Available on Motorbike Accidents and Injuries

The Government has recently released some up to date and new statistics on motorbike accidents.  It makes for sobering reading, and highlights the fact that motorcyclists are in one of the highest risk categories of road user.  You can see a synopsis of the report below. The Statistics Motorbike riders are nearly 40 times as […]

Work Accident Claims in Bristol – How We Can Help

Being involved in an accident at work is one of the most common types of personal injury claim that we deal with.  Whilst work accident claims in Bristol will typically normally be made by people working in manual type jobs such as construction, they can still happen anywhere, and at any time.  You can find […]

Season’s Greetings from the Bristol No Win No Fee Team

On behalf of the whole team at Bristol Personal Injury, I would like to wish you a Happy Christmas, and season’s greetings moving in to the New Year, 2016. Personally it’s been a very exciting year here with the team, as we’ve helped countless people in the area with personal injury claims, and have helped […]

Will You Be Able to Pay Your Mortgage or Bills After a Personal Injury or Accident?

Did you know that you can get mortgage protection insurance that will help and support you if you should ever become injured at work, become ill, or lose your job? If you are in the process of making a personal injury claim with our panel of solicitors, then we would also advise that you explore […]

Support the Bristol Armed Forces Day on June 28 2015

On Saturday the 27th of June it’s Armed Forces Day in the UK – with a special Bristol event taking place on the 28th. At Personal Injury Bristol we are offering our own support and will be donating to one of the many different events that are happening in and around the UK. We believe […]

We Can Now Handle Sports Injury Compensation in Bristol

At Personal Injury Bristol we are pleased to announce that we are now able to support people with sporting injury claims for compensation.  With new solicitors now added to our roster of partners, who all have sports personal injury claims experience, it means we can now offer expert accident claims advice on a variety of […]

Did You Contract an Illness Due to Your Working Environment?

Bristol’s history as a centre of trade and industry is an interesting aspect to our local culture.  Whilst not quite at the levels that it once was, there are still some very active businesses who work in older traditional type industries. We would like to think that all of them adhere to the best health […]

We Support and Advocate the THINK! Cyclist Campaign 2015

At Personal Injury Solicitors in Bristol we always have our client’s welfare at the forefront of everything that we do.  Despite being accident claims solicitors we would rather nobody in the city was injured, but are pleased to say that we are here to help should that happen to you. Recently we launched our new […]

We Can Now Help With New Work Injury and Asbestos Claims

As we reported in our last blog post, our online marketing manager had some very exciting plans for the website including plans on new content updates. We are very pleased to say that those plans went live today with new pages on the website concerning how to make an asbestosis claim in Bristol, plus a […]

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