Accident at Work Claims in Bristol: Injury Compensation

We are specialists in accident at work claims in Bristol. We help people in Bristol and Avon to claim for personal injury compensation for an injury they have suffered in the workplace. With an expert team of solicitors and lawyers, we can support you in getting the justice and compensation that you deserve for the injuries that were not your fault. We work on a no win, no fee* agreement, meaning you can receive legal representation despite your financial circumstances.

How to Claim for Accident at Work Compensation in Bristol

All employers and businesses in Bristol are required by law to put in place certain practices and systems to help reduce the chance of injury to their workers. Unfortunately, accidents at work can still happen and can vary from minor to serious injuries – and occasionally even fatalities.

If you believe that your employer has failed in their duty of care, or one of your co-workers has been negligent, then you should be able to file for accident at work compensation.  Bristol personal injury solicitors will work on your behalf to resolve these cases, and on many occasions any compensation payment will be paid out from an insurance company rather than your employer being financially penalised.

Even if you in some way contributed to your accident and injury, there might still be a route to claiming for workplace injury compensation.  When you speak to us as part of our free consultation over the telephone, we can guide you on where you stand from a legal perspective.

If you have been injured at work and could like to talk to us about how to make an accident at work claim in Bristol, then please call our hotline today on 01174 534 375^. We can guide you on next steps.

How to File an Injury at Work Claim in Bristol

With years of experience, and a set of accident at work solicitors in Bristol, we are perfectly placed to support your claim for compensation. We make the process as simple and as straight-forward as can possibly be. Here is how the process works:

  1. Call our accident claims helpline phone number.
  2. Our work accident claims specialists will ask you a few simple questions.
  3. If there is a personal injury claim to be processed, we will assign you a solicitor.

Work Accident Claims in Bristol – No Win No Fee

We firmly believe that everyone should have equal access to the legal system, regardless of their financial circumstances. Work injuries can often lead to time off work and a loss of earnings, not to mention being very stressful for the family.

Because of that we work on a no win no fee* agreement for all clients in Bristol on work injury compensation. Our solicitors will only be paid upon successful completion of case – which are typically settled out of court by the insurance companies.

Accident at Work Solicitors in Bristol Working for You

All the solicitors** that work on our personal injury cases are experts in their field, and locally based to you where possible. We only assign the personal injury solicitors to you that are friendly, reputable, understanding, sympathetic – but above all they have a plain-talking approach to the legal system.  This means that each and every step of the way you will be 100% up to date and informed with what’s going on, the next steps, and when the possible outcome will be.

Work Injury Claims Bristol – Get Started Now

To get started, simply call our helpline now and talk to one of our injury at work claims specialists for Bristol, Somerset, and Avon. Your phone call will be an entirely free consultation with no-obligation on your behalf to use our services.

Work Accident Claims Bristol

Work Injury Compensation: Case Types

Compensation for an injury at work in Bristol can arise from a wide variety of different scenarios. Below is a list of the most common injury types that arise from workplace accidents. Don’t worry if you can’t see one that applies to you – this is a guide only, just to show you the sorts of cases that we can help to claim for Bristol work injury compensation with.

As we said, if you don’t see anything relating to your injury, then don’t worry – these are purely the most common types.  We are able to support on all forms of accident at work claim Bristol cases.

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