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Office Accident Claims Bristol
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All employers and businesses have a duty of care towards their employees and office workers. If you have been injured in an office accident, then you could claim personal injury compensation if our solicitors** can establish blame with your employer or a co-worker.

Office Injury Claims in Bristol

If you are concerned about creating an issue with your employer when making an office accident claim, then please note that any compensation that you win will be paid from the company’s insurance policies. Your boss will not be financially affected with money taken from their pocket.

It’s also illegal for businesses to discriminate against employers who have made office injury claims. To find out more, please contact us today for a free telephone consultation, so we can tell you how much you could be awarded, and how our no win no fee* process works.

Office Accident Compensation

In most cases, offices will be safe places to work in, however every year there are reported accidents where office workers are injured in Bristol. Because of this, in the UK there are guidelines in place for office accident compensation amounts and how workers can claim using a solicitor.

In most cases, office injury claims will come about due to a typical set of scenarios. These can include, but are not limited to:

Our personal injury solicitors specialist in office work accident claims for compensation in Bristol. Once we have spoken to you and established that there could be a claim, we will look to prove that your employer, a business, company, or co-worker’s negligence was at fault for your injuries.

How Much Compensation?

In the UK, there are set guidelines for compensation amounts. They will depend on a number of factors including your injury type, the severity, financial factors, and how your life has and will be affected in the future. For a discussion about how much personal injury compensation a Bristol office accident claim could be worth, you will need to talk to us.

To find out whether you can claim for office injury compensation, call our number now and talk to an accident claims expert. We will be able to quickly tell you whether you are eligible for a payout.

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