Criminal Injury Claims for Compensation in Bristol

Were you in the wrong place at the wrong time? Were you injured due to a criminal act or violent assault? If you were hurt or injured through no fault of your own then you could be eligible for criminal injury compensation via the government CICA scheme with the help of our lawyers.

To find out more about how our criminal injury solicitors can help and support you in claim for a compensation award then call our Bristol hotline today. You can have a free consultation over the telephone with a claims specialist.

Types of Crime Eligible for CICA

The types of scenarios that we can support and help with include:

  • Violent assaults
  • Muggings and robberies
  • Assaults whilst playing sports
  • Broken noses, broken jaws
  • Hit and run cases
  • Drunken assaults in pubs, clubs, and nightclubs
  • Sexual assaults and rape

In very simple terms, if you have been assaulted in public you could be due a compensation amount and award.

How Much Criminal Injury Compensation?

There are guidelines set out by the Government for compensation amounts. Any victim of violent crime in Bristol or Avon looking to claim will be guided by this legislation.

  • In order to receive compensation, your injuries must be serious enough to merit the CICA’s minimum payout of £1,000.
  • The top payments for compensation are reserved for the most serious injuries and can reach £500,000.

There are set amounts for different injury types, though you will also receive compensation to cover loss of earnings, medical expenses, and so on. See the CICA website for more information on settlement payouts.

Take Advantage of Our Experience

The stress involved with being the victim of crime, a criminal assault, violent attack, or injury can be huge and sometimes life-changing. You might have psychological scars, and not just injuries as a result of criminal behaviour against you.

Our criminal injury solicitors serve Bristol clients and have many years of experience in helping with criminal injuries compensation. They will help new clients in getting the compensation that they deserve, but also in getting the right support and care that can sometimes be needed in cases such as this.

Why Use Our Criminal Injury Solicitors

The process involved in claiming for criminal injury compensation in Bristol and the UK is supported by our solicitors. By using our lawyers we can help to maximise your success in claiming, and working on a no win no fee* arrangement means the financial risk to use it negligible.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Bristol
The Government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority sets the amounts involved.

People (including your children) who are victims of violent crime are eligible in some cases for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This government body was specifically designed to help victims and our solicitors are perfectly placed to support those in Bristol and Avon wanting to claim.

Our criminal injury solicitors will work closely with you to make sure you get the highest compensation amount possible for your injury. We will also be able to tell you what other benefits and payments you could legally take advantage of in order to help with your recovery.

Even if the person who attacked you cannot be found and brought to justice it’s still possible to make a criminal injury claim in Bristol. Call now and one of our friendly team will be able to quickly assess your case and tell you what the options are.

Make a Criminal Injury Claim in Bristol

Criminal injuries compensation is handled very differently to classic personal injury cases, and as such it’s important that you benefit from a team of solicitors who know and understand the CICA processes. By choosing us you have the peace of mind in knowing you are going to get the best possible compensation settlement possible as we always go the extra mile for our claimants.

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As with all criminal activity, if you have been a victim it is imperative that you inform the police. Having police records and reports will be needed for all cases where we support in Bristol criminal injury claims. Please make sure you have reported the crime before calling us.

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