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If you have injured your hip, leg, ankle, foot, knee, or toes in an accident then you could be due personal injury compensation. Our friendly team of specialists will be able to quickly tell you whether you are eligible in just one phone call.

We work on a strict no win no fee* approach as we believe everyone in Bristol should have access to the legal system and justice. We can help Bristol people, workers, and employees to claim compensation for the following types of injury claim.

  • Ankle injury claims
  • Leg injury claims
  • Knee injury claims
  • Foot injury claims
  • Hip injury claims

In most cases, the types of accidents will include car crashes, accidents at work, assaults, sporting injuries, or a slip and trip in a public place. If the accident wasn’t your fault, and a third party of person was negligent then you could be due personal injury compensation. For more information on each injury type our Bristol solicitors and lawyers can help with please scroll down.

Hip Injury Compensation Awards

The hip and pelvic bone are amongst some of the most painful injury types that can affect the leg area. Our personal injury solicitors are able to help people in Bristol and Avon claim for hip injury compensation for socket and pelvic injuries where we can attribute negligence to a third party.

How Much? Typical compensation amounts for a hip injury claim in Bristol can range from £3,000 up to £94,000 depending on the severity and how long-lasting the affects will be including permanent disability.

Leg Injury Compensation Amounts

Over the last decade our accident claims experts have helped 100s of people to claim for leg injury compensation. Bristol residents and workers can claim for leg injuries including more serious case such as amputation.

How Much? The most serious cases have seen compensation amounts in the UK reach up to £210,000 with amputation cases. Most claims will be in the lower scale if the injury is relating to a break, fracture, sprain, or cuts and bruises.

Ankle Injury Compensation Claims

Whilst most people will recover from an ankle sprain or break over time, the effects can still be long-lasting. Even if you recover in a few weeks, you could still be eligible to make an ankle injury compensation claim in Bristol.

How Much? There are three classes and grades of ankle sprain where compensation amounts can sometimes reach up to £3,600. In more serious cases including permanent disability we know of compensation amounts that can reach up to £33,000 in the UK.

Foot Injury Compensation Levels

The foot is complex body part made up of hundreds of bones including the ankle, metatarsals, toes, and joints. Long lasting damage can occur, in particular when heavy objects are dropped on the foot. Foot injury compensation will vary from case to depending on the severity, from broken toes to the highest compensation amounts relating to amputation.

How Much? In the UK, foot injury compensation amounts will range from the low thousands of pounds all the way to £150,000 where permanent disability is a factor.

What We Aim to Do For You

Our personal injury solicitors look to recover damages and compensation for a wide variety as aspects, some which can be measured financially, and others which we need to look into more deeply. Factors you can claim for include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Medical costs and expenses
  • Time off work and loss of earnings
  • How the injury will affect your life
  • Long-lasting needs due to the accidents

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