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Our personal injury solicitors** can represent horse riders who have been injured whilst riding, or working with horses. We can also support those that have been involved in an equestrian accident with a horse out on the road or countryside – we fight tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Because we work on a no win, no fee* agreement, it means anyone in Bristol can get effective legal representation for an equestrian accident. Call now on 01174 534 375^ for a no-obligation, free discussion about the circumstances of your accident, so we can guide you on the next steps for compensation.

How to Claim for Compensation for an Equestrian Accident

The South West of the UK has a higher than usual average of horse riders. Because of that, accident rates do tend to be higher here than much of the UK. Our solicitors** have over a decade of experience in helping people with accident claims and can support new callers on the following scenarios:

As any horse rider will know, animals can be unpredictable, especially when out on the road. Because of that, there will be inherent dangers in riding or working with horses. You could become injured whilst at work, or when riding, or be in an accident with a rider. No matter what the scenario, if it can be proved that a third party, person, or organization was negligent leading to the accident, then our personal injury solicitors** can help.

Who We Can Help

The types of people we can help to win equestrian accident compensation in Bristol and Avon include:

At Accident Claims Bristol we are set up to offer no win no fee* legal assistance to horse riders or motorists who have been involved in an accident.

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