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We know how distressing spinal injuries can be, with the effects sometimes having life-changing consequences. Our compassionate and understanding solicitors** are available to support Bristol residents and workers, plus their families, in making a spinal injury claim in Bristol. To get started, call our number today. One of our friendly staff will be able to answer your questions, plus ask a few of our own in order to assess your individual circumstances.

Spinal Injury Claims – It’s Important to Act Now

Spinal Injury Claim Bristol
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Victims of spinal cord injury will need help and support in re-building their lives. That can only be achieved with the right support and rehabilitation. We believe that families should have access to the most spinal injury compensation possible. That’s why our solicitors fight tirelessly on behalf of our clients.

Because we understand how injuries of this type can affect your life, we aim to secure immediate financial assistance for your family. We will help to organise any short and long-term rehabilitation required and create your care plan with the necessary housing adaptations.

In essence, our solicitors** will try to get whatever is required to support and help you have a more comfortable future. If you would like to proceed, or just want some free guidance, then call our number today. We offer a free telephone consultation and will then arrange an appointment with a no win, no fee* solicitor who specialises in securing spinal injury claims.

Spinal Injury Compensation Amounts

Each and every case that our Bristol spinal injury solicitors** deal with will be different. For example, compensation for whiplash injuries will be radically different to the compensation amounts involved with permanent disability.

In the most severe cases where someone has been the victim of a spinal injury, there can be paralysis. Again, it’s very dependent on the type of diagnosis the paralysis has, but spinal injury claims such as this have been known to have payments of up to £90,000.

Those amounts are just for the pain and suffering elements, with no consideration at that point for rehabilitation and ongoing future costs. Those with spinal cord injuries are again different, because this can have an effect on different parts of the body. For example, the bladder can be damaged, and sexual function can be reduced. In these cases, some spinal injury compensation amounts can be in excess of £40,000. In truth, the range of compensation payouts for spinal injuries will vary wildly, as each case is assessed on an individual basis. For an accurate assessment, you will need to meet with a personal injury solicitor**, so call us today to get the process started.

Why Use Us

We know how devastating a spinal injury can be to both the victim and their family. With injuries potentially having life-long affects, you need to be sure that you have the very best legal representation possible, so you are able to get the compensation and support that you deserve. It’s not just about the compensation for pain and suffering, though. It’s also about making sure that the future is safe-guarded with money available for ongoing rehabilitation, support, and care.

Our compassionate spinal injury solicitors** are able to help those in Bristol get the most from a spinal injury claim. We fight tirelessly on our client’s behalf to make sure that the best possible outcome happens. We always work on a no win no fee* agreement as we firmly believe that anybody, no matter how much money they have, should be able to get effective and professional legal representation.  Spinal injury claims are by their nature very serious, and so you and your family deserve the best support possible.

Accident Types Causing Spinal Injuries

Our solicitors** are able to support Bristol residents with a wide variety of spinal injury claim types. The circumstances within which injuries can occur has a broad range, but all of them do qualify for spinal injury compensation where negligence and fault can be attributed to a third party, person, business, or organisation. The common types of accident resulting in spinal injury are as follows:

Don’t worry if you cannot see an accident type relevant to you, the ones above are purely common scenarios within which our lawyers are able to offer spinal injury compensation guidance. If you live or work in Bristol, then talk to us about starting a spinal injury claim. To get started, call us now.

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