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Leeds couple win compensation following honeymoon road traffic accident

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A couple from Leeds have been awarded compensation following a head-on collision whilst on tour in Italy. The couple, Angela and Simon Howland, were on the holiday of a lifetime, cruising the Mediterranean when the collision occurred. Their tour bus was travelling between Sorrento and Pompeii and was travelling through a tunnel when it was forced to swerve to avoid a head on collision with another vehicle. The bus, which was transporting tourists from the cruise, then crashed into the tunnel wall, causing substantial personal injury to the driver and many of the passengers. The driver of the on-coming vehicle was killed at the scene.

Continuing pain one year after the accident

34-year-old Angela and her 39-year-old husband Simon were sitting on the fourth row of the coach when Simon noticed the on-coming vehicle pull out to overtake, heading straight towards their coach. He was able to quickly brace himself and protect his wife as well as possible before the impact.  Angela escaped with significant bruising to her legs and lacerations on her hands and face, while Simon sustained bruising and minor cuts to his hands and face.  Angela was still suffering from pain in her legs, despite physiotherapy, a year after the accident, and Simon still had flashbacks.

The couple had been together for six years before getting married a week before the cruise. After the crash they were taken to hospital for treatment, and those who were still able to travel continued with the cruise. Angela stated that the accident had ruined what should have been the holiday of a lifetime. Angela received £1200 and Simon £774 in compensation from the insurers of the coach company.

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