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Ministry of Defence compensates talented chef

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A talented chef, who was serving in the British army, sustained injuries that were so severe he can no longer work within his trade. Hopewell Marindire, from Kettering, had been posted to Sennerlager training camp in Germany where he had been working in below freezing temperatures. He developed a condition known as ‘non freezing cold injury’ which caused him numbness, permanent intolerance to cold temperatures, damage to tissues and in considerable pain.  The chef, who was originally from Zimbabwe, had been working in conditions as low as 14 degrees Celsius wearing nothing more than standard issue cotton socks and leather boots on his feet. This was despite the fact that it is well know within the military that soldiers of African origin are more susceptible to injuries caused by cold weather.

Discharged on medical grounds

Mr Marindire’s symptoms of tingling and pain in his feet got progressively worse as time passed, to the extent that even once reassigned to work in the kitchens of the officers’ mess, he was unable carry out his duties. The chef was discharged on medical grounds some time later.

It was Mr Marindire’s dream to open a restaurant of his own upon completion of what he hoped would be a 22 year long career in the military. His medical discharge came just seven years into his service and it was acknowledged that he would be unable to pursue his hopes due to the injuries he had sustained.

Mr Marindire was awarded compensation to the sum of £150,000 from the Ministry of Defence.

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