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If you are looking for clinical negligence solicitors** serving Bristol, then make sure that you call us on our telephone number. We have a network of the very best medical negligence solicitors** serving Bristol, and we’ll connect you with them to assess and proceed with your case.

Clinical Negligence Solicitors** Bristol

Becoming the victim of medical negligence or malpractice can be a frightening experience. UK healthcare professionals are in the main excellent and caring, but occasionally things can go wrong. That’s where we can help you, as we have access to the very best clinical negligence solicitors** serving Bristol.

How Our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Bristol Work

We are an accident claims company serving Bristol. That means that when you call us, we will assess your medical negligence case, and give you immediate information on whether you can be eligible to win compensation.

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If we do think that your case can be answered in a court of law, or settled outside of court, then you will be fast-tracked into our medical negligence Bristol claims process. This involves us then contacting one of our clinical negligence solicitors** serving Bristol, who will take on your case.

The solicitor** will then contact you to arrange a meeting and will be your legal representative for a clinical negligence case. All of our clinical negligence Bristol solicitors** work on a no win, no fee* agreement.

What is Clinical Negligence?

Clinical negligence is a claim whereby a patient takes legal action, with their solicitor**, against medical professionals. It used to be known as medical negligence, but is now referred to as clinical negligence – you can read a full definition here.

Unlike personal injury claims, medical negligence differs in the way that claims are processed. Our Bristol solicitors** will need to work with you to establish proof in two areas:

  1. That the medical professional was failed in their duties
  2. That the medical professional actions caused you to suffer

Medical Negligence in Bristol – The Legal Process

Should our medical negligence solicitors** take on your case, then there are some guidelines that they will have to stick to in order to successfully win the claim.

  • Upon a claim being registered, an official letter will need to be drafted and sent to the third party (the defendant – in this case the medical professional and authority).
  • The defendant will then be given a couple of months in which to prepare a defence and proper response to our letter.
  • Once the response is received by your clinical negligence solicitor**, they will work with you and assess whether it is wise to proceed with the medical negligence claim.
  • If your solicitor** decides to proceed, then they will issue proceedings that will include all the particulars relating to the clinical negligence case.
  • The defendant will then issue their legal defence with their own solicitors.

At this point, both legal parties will be in dialogue. Your Bristol clinical negligence solicitor** will correspond with the defendant’s lawyer. In some cases it might be settled out of court, but in some cases court proceedings will be initiated if no agreement can be reached.

Why Choose Us?

Our solicitors** have years of experience in working on clinical negligence cases in Bristol. They have successfully won thousands of pounds of compensation for their clients and know the legal process inside and out.

In addition to that, they are all carefully selected due not only to their legal expertise, but also on their personality. We understand that claimants who are wanting to proceed with medical negligence claims in Bristol will often want the most simple and friendly approach taken. All of our no win, no fee* solicitors** are selected on this basis. We are also able to help with matters such as birth injury claims.

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