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Bristol has a long and impressive history as an industrial hub for the UK. Whilst industrial injury compensation in Bristol used to be commonplace, thankfully the cases we deal with have now started to reduce due to improved safety standards. However, industrial injury claims are still on our agenda, as accidents can and still do happen, even if on rare occasions. Suffering an industrial injury at work is not common, but it will still happen in certain circumstances. When they occur, you need the peace of mind in knowing you can have professional and expert legal representation – that’s where our no win no fee* solicitors** can help.

Claim for an Industrial Injury at Work in Bristol

Industrial Injury Compensation Bristol
Factory workers are in a high risk category. Call now for accident compensation.

If your employer has been negligent and has failed in their basic duty of care to you the employee, and this resulted in you being hurt, then there’s every chance you could make an industrial accident claim. By calling our number today, you can get a quick and professional verdict on whether our solicitors think you have an industrial injury compensation claim.

If you do, we will arrange a further appointment where we can get more details about your case to increase the chances of a successful claim in Bristol.

Common Industrial Injury Types 

The types of industrial injury claim cases that we can deal with, and those which our personal injury solicitors have handled in Bristol over the last decade, include:

That list is not exhaustive, and won’t include all industrial injuries compensation scenarios. No matter how you were injured, if our solicitors and lawyers can identify third party blame, then you could claim an amount or payout. We also specialise in other Bristol work accident claims for other sectors, not just industry.

Industrial Injuries Compensation Amounts in Bristol

Industrial Injury Claims Bristol
Accidents are decreasing, but when they happen you need legal expertise.

Industrial injury compensation amounts in Bristol will vary from case to case. The amounts payable in damages will depend on multiple aspects of the individual claim. The industrial accident compensation will typically be calculated based on factors such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel costs
  • Loss of wages

These damages will be assessed from the time of the injury claim and will be projected into the future depending on the severity and seriousness of your industrial accident claim.  Bristol residents and workers are encouraged to call us now to find out how much they could be owed.

Make an Industrial Accident Claim – Our Process

Our industrial injury solicitors for Bristol will look at finding blame and negligence on your employer’s behalf (this can also include contractor, councils, organisation, co-workers, and any third party deemed to be careless).  The reasons that blame can be apportioned is in examples such as:

Solicitors and Lawyers With Your Best Interests at Heart

Our Bristol industrial injury lawyers always work to ensure that your compensation claim is made as simple as possible, and is resolved quickly. Because of that, we always try to give you an idea over the phone on what you could be owed. In most cases, we can give an estimate, but it will depend on what information you can give us.

Some people will be concerned about applying for industrial injury compensation for an accident that happened with their current employer. We will talk to you about how that could work, but in simple terms all businesses and companies in Bristol have insurance policies that are designed to payout in situations such as this. Any compensation won’t come from your employer’s pocket.

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If you would like to get started, or just want more information about what legal options could be available to you, then please call us today to speak to one of our friendly staff members. We work on a no win no fee* agreement meaning no financial outlay for you with reduced risk, where all workers and Bristol residents can get access to justice.

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