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If you have been hurt after slipping over, tripping up, or have had a fall in Bristol, then you could be due some form of personal injury compensation. Our solicitors** work on a no win no fee* agreement and with one call to us, you could find out how much you could be owed.

Call our Bristol number now on 01174 534 375^ to talk to an accident claims expert with a free consultation. If there is a slip, trip, and fall claim to be made, then we will tell you the next steps that you need to take in order to receive a compensation amount.

Slips, Trips, and Fall Accidents

Slips Trips Falls Bristol
Wet floors pose a particular risk.

In most cases, people will suffer injury with a slip, trip, or fall due to liquid spills on a slippery floor. Other common scenarios will include pavements and paths which have been poorly maintained by councils. Raised sections and potholes are very dangerous and lead to many compensation claims for accidents in Bristol.

There are also instances where people can make a claim for slip, trips, and falls leading to injuries in the workplace. Bristol employers are required by law to adhere to Health and Safety guidelines, but accidents can still happen with obstructed walkways or where carpets are not properly fitted.

Our slips and fall solicitors** are specialists in helping people in Bristol make accident compensation claims when they have been injured. We will need to establish that the accident was due to another person’s negligence, or the fault of a third party, organisation, business, or council.

Can You Claim for a Slip, Trip or Fall Compensation in Bristol?

If your accident occurred whilst visiting a public place, and you slipped up in a pool of water, for example, then it’s likely you can claim for personal injury compensation. If the building you were visiting was open to the public, for example a bank, shop, hotel, a gym or swimming pool then we will help you in making a claim against the business’ public liability insurance policy.

Slips, Trips, and Falls on Council and Public Property

Tripping Up on a Pavement or Pathway
Pavements and pathways are also places where trips can occur.

If the accident happened whilst you were on council property, for example on a public path, or even perhaps a council house, then you may be eligible. We will need to establish negligence, though, so any witness statements or additional evidence you can gather will be key. We will also be required to have your injuries checked and validated by a doctor.

If you sustained a slip, trip, and fall injury whilst on public property then you might still be able to claim, but our solicitors** will need to find out whether the negligent party has suitable insurance available.

Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Workplace

One of the more common types of personal injury claim we deal with in Bristol will be slips, trips, and falls injuries in the workplace. This typically happens where an employee trips over a trailing set of wires or cables in a corridor or obstructed walkway. Hazards such as this are one of the most frequent ways in which people are injured at work.

If you are worried of making a personal injury claim against your employer, then please note that any compensation to you will be taken from an insurance policy. Your legal action will not directly affect your employer’s pocket. Businesses are not allowed by UK law to discriminate against employees who have made personal injury claims.

Places That We Can or Will Help With

The types of public places that accidents can happen, and venues that we have helped people make slips, trips, and falls compensation claims or are able to include (but are not limited to) the following places:

  • Workplaces and offices
  • Construction sites
  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Parking lots
  • Public pathways
  • Streets, roads, and shopping centres
  • Supermarkets, stores, and shops
  • Cinemas, theatres, zoos, restaurants, bars, clubs, and nightclubs
  • Hotels, guest houses, B&Bs
  • Tourist attractions
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools, sports venues, football stadiums
  • Schools, colleges, university
  • Council property and council houses

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Call our helpline today and talk to a friendly expert. You will be assigned a solicitor** should we believe you have a compensation claim. Most will be settled outside of court quickly using insurance policies. If you are in any way unsure about whether you can make a slip, trip, and fall accident claim in Bristol, then please call us, so we can confirm your eligibility for compensation. Call 01174 534 375^ now.

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