Motorbike Accident Claims in Bristol: Injury Compensation

It’s a harsh fact that motorcyclists are amongst those users in the highest risk category for suffering an injury or accident whilst on the road. At Accident Claims Bristol, we are specialists in helping riders claim for motorbike accident compensation in Bristol.  Working on a no win no fee* agreement, we can ensure that if you have suffered an injury, then you can get access to justice despite any financial circumstances.

To get started, simply call our phone number on 01174 534 375^ for a free consultation about how we manage motorbike accident claims in Bristol, plus details on any compensation you could be due for a motorcycle accident claim.

How to Make a Motorbike Accident Claim in Bristol

Making a claim is easy and can be completed in a number of simple steps. When you call our hotline, you will speak with a claims expert who will take details of your accident and ask a few simple questions. Based on this information, they will be able to guide on whether you are due personal injury compensation. If you are able to claim, then we will arrange an appointment with one of our solicitors**. They will then manage the case for you from start to finish.

How Much Motorbike Accident Compensation for Bristol Claims?

If you want to know how much compensation you could be due for motorcycle injury claims in Bristol, you should call us, as it’s impossible to estimate without having spoken to our team. Our motorbike accident solicitors** specialise in claims of this type and will tell you that the compensation amounts you could receive will be based upon a number of different factors:

  • The extent of your injuries
  • Any financial losses incurred
  • Any expenses incurred due to the bike accident

Motorbike accident compensation in Bristol can range from a thousand to hundreds of thousands of pounds. It’s all entirely dependent on the type of injuries suffered and how long the recovery period is. If you have been injured and would like to discuss a claim with us, then please call our number now for your free consultation.

Motorcycle Accident Claims Bristol: How Long Do They Take?

All bike accident claims in Bristol are different and unique. Having said that, in most cases our solicitors** tend to get compensation claims settled within six to nine months when a third party has admitted their negligence, and the motorcyclist’s injuries are expected to recover and heal within that time.

However, some personal injury claims we deal with have involved very serious injuries. In cases such as this, then the motorcycle accident claim can take longer. This is due to the relevant parties having to see the true impact of the injury in order to arrive at a fair and just compensation amount. The biker’s welfare is the priority when we handle motorcycle accident claims in Bristol, and our solicitors** endeavour to ensure the maximum compensation amounts.

Our Priorities

When you choose our solicitors** to represent you legally, we have three key areas that we focus on which mean we are able to offer the very best service when it comes to motorbike accident compensation in Bristol. These are:

The Practical Issues: As a biker and rider, we know how much you value your bike. We will help you to recover damages, repairs, or a replacement ride if you have had an accident. We understand that even when injured, the bike is still a top priority for motorcyclists.

Physical Considerations: We will work with medical professionals to ensure that a proper and correct diagnosis is taken of your injuries, including any recovery time and rehabilitation. This will let us truly estimate how much compensation is due for any physical, medical, or emotional support.

Financial Considerations: For serious injuries there could be expensive medical treatment required, possibly even ongoing lifetime needs. Because of that, we will work to ensure that your Bristol motorcycle accident and injury claim addresses all future financial needs.

Motorcycle Accident Solicitors Who Understand Bikers

Our solicitors** have years of experience in managing motorcycle accident compensation claims, and in fact some of them are riders themselves. They understand that you love your motorcycle and have done for years, and probably can’t imagine any other way to travel.

Despite all the positive points of riding a motorcycle, it does come with risks. For example, only 1% of UK road traffic is made up with motorbikes, but the sad fact is that they account for 18% of all serious accidents on the road. You are 40 times more likely to be involved in a fatality than a car owner. The Government have some statistics on this, which you can read on the Think website.

Because of the inherent risks and dangers involved, our motorcycle accident solicitors** treat all cases with the utmost understanding and sympathy.

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