Holiday Accident and Illness Claims for Bristol Residents

Holiday Accident Compensation Solicitors Bristol
Holidays should be a time to relax and have fun.

Becoming ill on holiday, or having an accident, or being injured can be stressful and frightening.  Our holiday accident claims specialists for Bristol residents are ready and waiting to take your call. If you believe that you could be due some form of compensation then one quick no-obligation discussion with our team will let you know whether or not you are eligible.

If our solicitors believe that you are owed holiday accident compensation then we will work on your behalf on a no win no fee* agreement so you can get swift access to justice.

Working for Bristol Residents and Holiday Makers

We can support Bristol residents who have holidayed in the UK or abroad.  We can help with holiday illness claims, holiday accident claims, and also holiday injury compensation. Read below for a quick overview of our approach on each type, and then call us for a no-obligation and free discussion.

Holiday Accident Claims for Bristol Residents

If you or a family member has an accident whilst abroad, then the law involved in claiming for compensation can be complex. Different countries have different legislation and rulings which means you should employ the services of an experienced solicitor to guide you through the potential mine-field. All of our solicitors work on a no win no fee* agreement when working on holiday accident compensation cases.

Our solicitors have helped people all over the UK, and not just in Bristol.  The types of holiday accident claim that we can offer help with includes (but is not limited to):

Holiday Injury Claims – Free Consultation

Holiday Accident Claims Bristol
Holidays should be fun… but can lead to injury claims.

All of the accident types above that we detailed can lead to illness or injury. The compensation amounts you could be due are entirely depending on the seriousness of your holiday injury, the affects, financial losses, and psychological suffering. When all of those elements are assessed together, it’s possible to put a holiday injury compensation claim together in Bristol.

Ultimately your tour operator has a duty of care to make sure the holiday makers are safe from injury, illness and accidents, with proper precautions taken to ensure risks are reduced. If we can establish that this hasn’t been the case then it’s possible to make a holiday injury claim. Bristol residents can call our number today for a free phone consultation about how our no win no fee* solicitors can help them.

Holiday Illness Claims – Bristol Solicitors

Holiday Illness Claims Bristol
Many people will become ill due to food poisoning on holiday.

Thousands of holidaymakers become ill whilst on holiday. Many of them don’t know what their rights are and what options are available to them. For Bristol residents we can support them with holiday illness compensation as we believe everyone deserves justice.

Being sick whilst on vacation will be distressing, it can also become expensive due to foreign medical costs and expenses.  It is possible in some circumstances to claim for your financial losses, distress, pain, and suffering – call today so we can find out more about your case. Our solicitors always suggest that you do not initially accept the small holiday illness compensation that the tour operators will offer you. Instead talk to us so we can fight to get you the amounts that you deserve.

Can I Make a Holiday Compensation Claim?

If your illness occurred whilst in a hotel, then it’s likely that we can help you to claim for holiday illness compensation against the tour operator.  This is all viable due to the Package Travel Regulations of 1992. In simple terms, if your holiday illness is due to poor hygiene or poor food (including food poisoning) then the tour operator could be seen as liable and negligent. This is what our solicitors will investigate for Bristol residents when looking to pursue holiday illness claims on their behalf.

Call today to get started so we can tell you how much compensation you could be due. Call 01174536648^ now. Let our no win no fee* solicitors help you to win compensation for holiday illness, injury, and accident claims.

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