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If you work in a factory in Bristol, then you will already be aware of how dangerous then can be. Accidents are more common in these working environments than any other place of work. We specialise in helping people in Bristol get factory accident compensation from personal injury claims.

All calls are confidential, and we offer a free consultation to anyone calling us who thinks they may have a case. After a quick phone call with our team, we can quickly tell you whether you are eligible and then assign you with a personal injury solicitor**, working on a no win no fee* basis.

Our solicitors will help you to claim for pain and suffering, psychological damages, medical expenses, financial losses, rehabilitation costs, and loss of wages or time taken off work.

How Accidents Can Happen in Factories

Typically, accidents at work will happen when the employer or business does not adhere to health and safety rulings, or co-workers are negligent. The types of questions we may need to ask include:

  • Does your employer check your work equipment regularly?
  • Were you using the right tool for the job?
  • Does your employer keep your workplace neat and tidy?
  • Do your workmates leave things lying around on the floor?
  • Are there cables left across walkways?
  • Is rubbish cleared away properly, or is it left in your way?
  • Are you asked to lift loads that are too heavy?

If you were hurt resulting from any of those scenarios, and the injury was quite clearly not your fault, then there’s every chance you might be able to claim for factory accident compensation.

Worried About Making Factory Accident Claims in Bristol?

To put your mind at rest, please be aware that all businesses in the local Bristol area are required by law to have insurance policies which pay out compensation for worker injuries. This means that any factory accident claim that we help you with will not be paid for from your employer’s pocket.

Bristol companies, as with the rest of the UK, are also not allowed to discriminate against workers and employees who take legal action on a personal injury claim. If you would like more clarity on these matters, then one of our claims handlers will be more than happy to give you further information when you call our helpline on 01174 534 375^.

Factory Accident Claim – Injury Types

The common injuries that can occur in Bristol factories will typically include:

We find that workers who are successful in making personal injury claims of this type will usually suffer from crushing injuries, breaks, fractures, head injuries, leg and arm accidents, burns, and electric shocks.

How Much Factory Accident Compensation?

Bristol clients that we deal with will all have very different cases. UK law sets out guidelines for personal injury compensation amounts, which can range from the low thousands to sometimes a quarter of a million pounds. It’s entirely based on the type of injury suffered and other factors. We can guide you on this when you call us and our lawyers take your claim on.

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If you would like a confidential discussion with us, then please call our hotline today. We offer a free consultation, and then if we feel you are eligible to claim will assign you one of our no win, no fee* solicitors**. Call 01174 534 375^ now. We offer guidance to people who wish to claim compensation for accidents in factories in Bristol.

The call should take no longer than 10 minutes, and we will simply ask you some quick questions about the accident, gather details, and then be able to make a decision on compensation.

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