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If you injure yourself whilst in a shop or supermarket in Bristol and Avon then you could be eligible to make a supermarket injury claim. Slips, trips, and falls in stores can cause serious pain and injury, and in most cases it won’t be your fault. In cases such as these Personal Injury Bristol can help you claim for the compensation that you deserve.

Supermarket Compensation Claim Types

Most cases that our experienced solicitors and lawyers have dealt with when it comes to supermarket accident claims tend to involve slips on the floor. These will typically results from the following scenarios:

Wet Floor & Spillages

Supermarket and Shop Injury Claims in Bristol
Wet floors in aisles and obstructions can cause accidents.

In cases where people have slipped up on wet floors in supermarkets, the shop or store has cleaned the floor and left water down. Or perhaps a freezer has leaked, or another person has dropped a product on the floor that has smashed leading to a slip. In cases such as this the supermarket has a legal responsibility to make sure that the walkways are clear from obstruction and no hazards are present.

Despite warning signs and best efforts, it still might mean that you slip. If you are unsure about whether you have a supermarket compensation claim in the Bristol area then simply call us and we can offer clarity for free. As with water on the floor, supermarkets also have a responsibility to prevent shoppers and customers tripping over spillages or other non-obvious hazards. They must clean up any mess immediately to reduce the chance of supermarket slips.

Trips and Falls

Aisles must be kept clear of obstructions in shops to help prevent accidents.  You could be a customer or an employee who has been hurt because proper safety guidelines have not been followed. If that’s the case and you have had a fall in a supermarket then do get in touch with us. We can represent both employees and workers in supermarkets as well as the shopper.

Can You Claim for A Shop Injury?

If our solicitors can establish that the Bristol supermarket has been negligent in their care to employees or customers and someone was injured, then it’s possible to investigate a supermarket accident claim. In order to help us stand the best chance of success with supermarket injury claims in Bristol we ask that all claimants try to do the following:

  • Have definitely suffered an injury
  • The injury has been diagnosed by a doctor or hospital
  • The accident was reported to the store manager and recorded

Who Can Make Supermarket Accident Claims for Compensation

We can offer legal representation to the following people who want to look at the possibilities of personal injury compensation.  Our solicitors are ready and waiting to take you call and find out more about your incident with a free phone consultation. Other public places that we can also help with include:

  • Public places
  • Tourist attractions
  • Pubs and nightclubs
  • Gyms
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Zoos

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