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Road Traffic Accident Claims Bristol
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Those who have been in a road traffic accident can be left with a range of different injuries, from minor bruising, concussion, and whiplash, all the way up to head and spinal injuries, permanent disability, or death. The victims and families involved in road accidents will have to deal with life-changing circumstances – which is why we recommend you call our compassionate and trusted Bristol solicitors for accidents on the road.

Those involved in incidents on Bristol’s roads where there was an injury involved are entitled to claim for road traffic accident compensation. No matter how minor or serious your injuries are, our team of road traffic accident claims solicitors will work on your behalf to ensure you receive the justice that you deserve.

How Much Road Accident Compensation?

Compensation amounts will vary from case to case, with guidelines being set by the Government for Bristol claimants. Your case will be assessed on an individual basis, with the higher amounts and payouts typically occurring with the more serious injuries. Common types of injury include:

We can only give you a rough estimate on how much you could be due once we have spoken to you so please call today for your free phone consultation. We work on a no win no fee* agreement as we believe that anyone should be able to get legal representation from a solicitor or lawyer no matter what their financial circumstances.

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Victims of Road Accident in Bristol

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For the last decade, our solicitors have been helping people around Bristol claim for RTA compensation – this includes:

Each and every day our solicitors see the terrible and long-lasting effects that road accidents have on ordinary people. The statistics on the UK’s roads might compare favourably to other countries, but are still far too high nonetheless. Not everyone can get access to the best medical care. That’s why our road traffic accident claim solicitors fight tirelessly for compensation. We believe everyone should have the right to the best care and rehabilitation services.

Road Traffic Accident Compensation Bristol

Because of this we will look at every conceivable angle at which we can increase your road traffic accident compensation amount – and we look into the future to see what life holds for our clients and how we can help make that better.

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