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If you’ve suffered from a chest injury, the chances are you would have experienced severe pain and damage to your internal organs. Chest injuries are uncommon, as our rib cage does a very good job at protecting our cardiovascular system. Which makes chest injuries, when they happen, severe and potentially fatal. Therefore, it’s so important to get the right legal team behind you, and our Bristol personal injury solicitors** can be there to help you get the maximum compensation possible. 

If you – or in the event of accidental death, a loved one – has suffered a chest injury in Bristol, contact our empathetic team today on 01174 534 375^ to start your claim.

How are Chest Injuries Caused?

Injuries to the chest can be caused in many different ways, but when a party has failed in their duty of care to you, they are liable for the accident. A non-fault chest injury occurs from a serious lapse in health and safety, and as such, you deserve to be compensated for your loss.

Workplace Accidents in Bristol Leading to Chest injuries

Accidents at work are a common way of sustaining personal injuries in Bristol, but a chest injury is still a rare thing to happen. In these cases, your employer must have acted negligently. Serious lapses in health and safety are – crushing from falling objects, striking moving machinery, falling from heights, colliding with a work vehicle. Any of these workplace accidents have a strong chance of awarding the injured party compensation.

Chest Injury – Accidents in Public

Chest injuries could also be caused by an accident in a shop, school, or restaurant. The most common accident to occur in these places are slips, trips, and falls. Without suitable time to react, like when slipping on a wet floor in a supermarket, our chests can be exposed whilst other body parts, like our heads, are protected. In stores, goods can fall from shelves, and displays could collapse onto you and crush your chest, resulting in injury.

Chest Injury – Road Traffic Accidents in Bristol

Chest Injuries aren’t usually an isolated area for damage to occur in a road traffic accident. A number of different parts of our body, such as our necks, are prone to injury in car accidents. Chest injuries are no different, especially where seatbelts are concerned. But in the event of motorcycle crashes, pedestrian knockdowns, or bicycle accidents, there is very little protecting the exposed areas of the body – the chest being one of them. This can lead to serious injury, and even death.

It doesn’t really matter how the chest injury happened, if someone was at fault for the accident, you will likely have a case for compensation. For a free claim assessment, where we help you establish liability and provide estimates for your compensation, call our team of personal injury experts on 01174 534 375^.

Chest Injuries – Different Forms

Common forms of chest injury are broken ribs and organ damage. Neither of these are minor injuries, which can prove fatal in certain conditions. Even rib breakages can puncture the heart and lungs. Everything within your chest needs to be operating around the clock for you to survive, which is why it is so critical to avoid injury to the chest.

Legally speaking, diseases that affect you are classed as injuries when it comes to personal injury claims. Such illnesses, that you’ve contracted but aren’t responsible for, can cause short and long-term damage to your health. In the case of chest injuries from industrial diseases: Asbestos causing Mesothelioma from exposure in the workplace, and lung diseases, such as occupational asthma from factory work.

Your initial chest injury may develop into something long-term. That’s why it’s essential to get the best legal help possible in Bristol. We’ll not only evaluate liability in your case for free, but also what conditions you may experience in the future. Call our personal injury team now on 01174 534 375^.

Chest Injury Claims in Bristol

When you’re ready to make your claim for chest injury compensation, call our expert Bristol team on 01174 534 375^ to get started. We make the claiming process simple so that you can focus on the details that matter. We’ll help you with medical record, witnesses and establishing liability, all from the comfort of your own home. Get in touch today to begin your claim.

If you are considering making a claim, make sure to do so within the 3-year limit, as stipulated in the Limitation Act of 1980. This is from 3 years of knowledge of the injury – such as with an industrial disease or discovery of a condition onset by injury. We know 3 years can seem a long time, but your sole focus should be on recovery after an accident. Such time can race by, so don’t delay in calling our personal injury solicitors** of Bristol today on 01174 534 375^.

Chest Injury Compensation – No Win, No Fee

If you want even more reasons to pick up the phone worry-free, we also provide no win, no fee* personal injury claims. This means that you have no reason to worry about losing money if your claim is unsuccessful. This is because we take out an After the Event insurance policy on your claim. The ATE allows us to recover our costs, rather than taking them from you. You only stand to gain from making your claim with us.

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