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How We Can Help With Work Accident Claims in Bristol

Posted in: Workplace Injuries 

Being involved in an accident at work is one of the most common types of personal injury claim that we deal with. Whilst work accident claims in Bristol will typically normally be made by people working in manual type jobs such as construction, they can still happen anywhere, and at any time.  

Work Accident Claims Bristol – The Law

It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that you work in safe conditions and that their premises and working conditions comply with the law and in particular health and safety legislation.  If you feel that you suffered an injury at work and would like to discuss a claim for compensation with us then please call today.

Even if your employer has taken every step to comply with the law, that doesn’t mean that you cannot claim for work injury compensation. In Bristol we have seen multiple instances where work places had every safety precaution in place, including protective clothing, headgear, and premises – yet an accident at work still happened.

Friendly Accident Claims Help for Bristol Residents

Give us a call, have a chat with one of our friendly personal injury specialists and find out whether or not you can claim for Bristol work injury compensation – you might be surprised by the outcome. We also work on a no win no fee* basis meaning you have the peace of mind of knowing you won’t be hit with any upfront legal fees to pay – and our solicitors only get paid if the compensation claim is successful.

Accident at Work Compensation – Your Concerns

If you are worried about bring legal action against your employer then please don’t. Our solicitors will guide you on the best course of action. Your employer will have some form of insurance which is especially set up to guard against work place accident claims. Bristol companies and businesses generally will all be in compliance with this law so it’s very rare that the actually company has to make a compensation payment – that’s usually and typically in the hands of the insurer.

Our phone lines are manned around the clock so you don’t need to worry about when to call us.  If you don’t want to phone to discuss a claim then you can also use our personal injury claims form that you see to the right of the page.

Get In Touch Today for Bristol Work Accident Claims

Don’t suffer in silence. Talk to our personal injury lawyers today about how we can help you to claim for compensation.


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