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19-month-old cut by H&M security tag

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The mother of a 19-month-old boy is furious after her son suffered a serious cut on his leg as a result of the security tag being left on his trousers purchased at H&M. Emma Lipscombe had been trying to dress her son in the newly purchased trousers when he began to scream in pain. The security tag had been left inside one of the trousers’ pockets, with the sharp pin cutting into the leg of the boy as his mother tried to put them on.

The security pin, applied to clothing to prevent theft, drew blood from the young boy as he threw himself to the floor screaming in pain. His mother said: “It had stabbed and scratched his leg. I managed to calm him down and put a cold flannel on the wound to soak up the blood and help the redness.

£100 voucher as compensation

The mother-of-six said that she wanted to make parents aware of this possibility when purchasing clothes for their children. Mrs Lipscombe went directly to her local H&M store, where she spoke to the manager about the incident. H&M sent a letter of apology to Mrs Lipscombe, which said that they hoped he was “feeling much better”. She also received a H&M voucher of £100 as compensation for the boy’s personal injury and staff promised to check more thoroughly for security pins when selling clothing.

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