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Council pays out to injured boy

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Hull City Council is to pay compensation to a five-year-old boy after he tripped and fell on an unsafe drain. Jayden Willby, from east Hull, suffered injuries after tripping on an unsafe drain nearby his home last November. The drain was highlighted as a hazard to the council on the day of Jayden’s injury, but nothing was done to mend it. Five months later, Jayden’s mum, Candice Gilchrist, decided to take action, arguing that children frequently walk to school on that road.

Jayden had been walking to school when he tripped on the drain and fell on his face. He split his head open and required gluing at Hull Royal Infirmary. Ms Gilchrist said that she had never considered taking legal action, until nothing was done to fix the hazardous drain. Insurers acting on behalf of the council agreed to compensate Jayden for his injures.

“Hazard has been overlooked”

Despite this, the council continued to ignore the dangers of the drain. A few months later, 38-year-old Nadine Watkinson suffered a similar injury as a result of tripping on the drain. She suffered serious injures to her hand, which left her unable to carry out daily tasks. Ms Watkinson is also to receive compensation.

One solicitor said: “It seems as though this particular hazard has been overlooked, and the real shame here is that two local residents have been injured as a result.”

The drain has since been fixed.

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