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Cyclists fight for their safety on the roads

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The beginning of the week saw yet another cyclist killed on a London road where no space is dedicated for cycling.  Only a week ago, the day before the accident, tens of thousands participated in the traffic-free RideLondon event to protest the lack of cycle paths in the UK.

67-year-old retired GP Clive Richards died in Archway on Monday – the fourth bike-accident victim in the last few weeks in London.  Each of these fatal collisions occurred in places were cyclists had to share the road with fast-moving motor traffic: proof that this could be avoided by the introduction of better cycle spaces.

The success of two events has encouraged the organisation of a third

These deaths were protested by two rides organised by the London Cycling Campaign – disputing the lack of action by the city’s mayor, Boris Johnson. One took place in Holborn, and the other in Aldgate, each with turnouts in the thousands.

A third event has been arranged to take place on Monday the 2nd of September – beginning in Jubilee Gardens and passing through Parliament Square at the exact time that the House of Commons will debate the future of cycling in the UK.

A debate will take place concerning the report ‘Get Britain Cycling’, which envelops an array of different measures that would make cycling safe for everyone. The report calls on the mayor and the prime minister to step forward and address the issue seriously.

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