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TUC updates its guide to workplace safety

Posted in: Employer Negligence Industrial Deafness and Disease Workplace Injuries Wrongful & Accidental Death 

The TUC has published an updated version of its guide to workplace safety, entitled ‘Hazards at Work’.

The publication comes at a time of increased concern over a reduction in the number of workplace safety inspections and an increase in workplace fatalities.

The TUC says that the current upward trend in workplace fatalities will be not be reversed unless there is an increase in the enforcement of health and safety law in all workplaces.

The guide has 24 chapters on the common hazards and causes of ill health at work and advice on how to assess and prevent them. These include practical measures on how to deal with bullying, stress, violence, working time, occupational cancer, and biological hazards.

This year’s edition also contains a new chapter on people in ‘vulnerable’ categories, such as young employees, shift workers, agency workers and disabled workers.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“The government seems determined to water down health and safety laws despite recent increases in workplace fatalities. It seems incredible that ministers seem unconcerned by the cut in the number of workplace inspections at a time when more people are dying and getting injured at work.”

“Protection is more important now than ever and this book is one of the best tools for understanding, assessing and dealing with health and safety issues.”


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