Did You Contract an Illness Due to Your Working Environment?

Did You Contract an Illness Due to Your Working Environment?

Bristol’s history as a centre of trade and industry is an interesting aspect to our local culture.  Whilst not quite at the levels that it once was, there are still some very active businesses who work in older traditional type industries.

We would like to think that all of them adhere to the best health and safety practices, but that’s not always the case unfortunately.

In the past this was particularly true, and it’s only now that some workers are experiencing illnesses that were contracted as a direct result of their working environment.  People who become ill through no fault of their own because the place they work in deserve effective legal representation.

We now have two new pages on our website which can help with that.  The first one is focussed on industrial hearing loss and deafness.  People who have worked in heavy industry are particularly susceptible to hearing loss complaints through their work and our solicitors have years of experience in helping with compensation claims such as this.

Secondly we launched a new page regarding Bristol industrial disease claims.  Symptoms and illnesses can range from minor to serious.  No matter what you have been affected by, please take a look and see how we can help you today.

If you know anyone else who might need out support then please do share our pages socially.

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