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40 defibrillators donated to school

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A Manx heart charity has donated 40 defibrillators to primary schools on the Isle of Man after raising over £60,000 in recent charity events. Paula Lunt founded the charity donating the defibrillators – Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation – after her son died of an undiagnosed heart defect in April 2005. Since then the charity has been working hard to equip schools and sports clubs across the island with the potentially life-saving equipment.

Last year the charity donated 55 defibrillators to schools and clubs on the Isle of Man, and on top of the island’s 34 primary schools being equipped, volunteer-led groups will also receive equipment funded by the life-saving charity.  Mrs Lunt said: “If a defibrillator saves one life it is money well spent.

‘Can’t thank the Manx public enough’

Mrs Lunt said that following the death of her son; she wouldn’t want any other family to go through the same heartbreak. She continued: “I can’t thank the Manx public enough for their support with the campaign.  The things people have done to help us have been just incredible.

The Department of Education has donated heavily to the project, and also plans to give money to the St John Ambulance to assist with training for school staff. Since the charity was founded it has allowed more than 5,000 people to be screened on the Isle of Man, and organises a doctor to come to the island every six weeks to inspect any symptoms of hypertonic and dilated cardiomyopathy in people aged 14-35.

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