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Cambridgeshire police force pay out over £20k in workplace injury compensation

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Following a Freedom of Information request, it has been revealed that Cambridgeshire Police has paid out over £20,000 in compensation to staff in a five-year period. Claims ranged from dog bites to injuries caused by a collapsing desk, with a total of 16 claims made since 2010, (of which seven were successful). The force was unable to specify which seven claims were successful because of the Data Protection Act.

It was revealed that a total of 16 claims were made against the force by staff, including 6 trip or fall claims and two bites. One member of staff made a claim after having a window shut on their finger, and another officer suffered an eye injury while dismantling a cannabis factory. It was also reported that one staff member claimed after suffering injuries from a desk that was “raised up on pieces of wood under legs which slipped”.

“it is only right that officers have an avenue of recourse”

The affected staff members included seven police officers, one special constable, one PCSO and seven members of police staff.

Shaun Ryan from the Cambridgeshire Police Federation said he saw the low number of claims made against the force as a “positive thing”. He said that police staff should feel safe in the environment they work in, and added: “When things go wrong, however, it is only right that officers have an avenue of recourse as anyone else would have.

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