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Man loses eyesight over toy helicopter

Posted in: Head and Brain Injuries Personal Injury 

A man from Colchester, Essex, has been left blind in one eye after playing with a toy helicopter inside his flat. 26-year-old Phil Shelgrove had been flying the second-hand toy after purchasing it from a friend. When he accidentally pressed the wrong button, however, he directed the toy towards his face, allowing one of the blades to slice his left eyeball.

Mr Shelgrove’s friend had warned him to use the toy outside, but decided to test it inside his flat first. After mistakenly pressing a series of wrong buttons on the Blade 450 3D stunt helicopter’s remote control, it bounced off the ceiling and flew straight into his face, leaving a six-inch gash across his eye.

Six failed operations

Mr Shelgrove’s girlfriend, nurse Amy Ginsky, drove him straight to A&E, where doctors immediately transferred him to the eye hospital in London. He was transported from Colchester General Hospital to Moorfields Eye Hospital in East London by air ambulance. He underwent surgery the following morning.

The operation left him with 100 stitches and half his face covered with bandage. He has endured a total of six operations at the hospital since the incident in February, all of which have failed to restore the sight in his eye. He said that his life has changed dramatically since the accident, and he has been forced to search for a new career.

Mr Shelgrove stated: “My friend told me it was dangerous, particularly indoor, but I ignored him. I thought I knew best.

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