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Council paid out £150,000 compensation in last five years

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Recently released figures have revealed that Thanet Council has paid out around £150,000 in compensation to personal injury claimants in the past five years alone. The figures were attained as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Gazette newspaper, finding that a total of 70 claims had been made against the council in the last five years. In only the past year, a total of 13 claims were made, with a total of £28,298 being paid-out 

  • The highest payout in the last year was £22,680
  • 2010 was the most damaging year for the council, with payouts totaling £51,597
  • 2012 was the least damaging year, whereby only £10,806 was paid-out to claimants
  • Last year, council employees claimed twice against their employer: one for an injury at work and one for dangerously faulty equipment, (neither claimant was awarded cash)
  • The biggest employee payout was in 2011, whereby £5,500 was awarded for a trip or fall in the workplace
  • Over the past five years, the council has been ordered to pay around £2017 to settle each successful claim

One council spokesperson said that many changes have been made to reduce the number of claims made against the council. He continued: “Bespoke training has also been implemented to staff members to increase their awareness of existing procedures and the actions that can be taken to reduce the risk the council is exposed to.

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