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Family seek compensation for cyclist son

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A Gloucestershire family is currently seeking compensation for their 15-year-old son after he suffered severe injuries when his bike went into a pothole during a charity ride. Ollie Pike, from Malmesbury in Wiltshire, smashed his head and broke his collarbone in the accident on the 9th of March. He said that he swerved to avoid one set of potholes, but as a result went crashing into another. He was then thrown to the ground after being propelled over his handlebars.

He had been riding on the roads near Cirencester when the accident happened. He told media that he had been riding fairly slowly downhill when he hit the pothole, and that the accident was entirely unpreventable. Ollie’s family is currently trying to win compensation from Gloucestershire County Council for failing to maintain safe roads.

“I thought I’d done something to my eye”

Ollie said: “When I was on the floor waiting for the ambulance, I was scared because I couldn’t see out of my right eye … There was blood running down the road and I thought I’d done something to my eye, lost it or something like that.

His mother described the accident as “horrific” and said that improvements had to be made to ensure that it doesn’t happen to anyone else’s children. Gloucestershire County Council said that all reported potholes are immediately inspected, with all country roads being reviewed frequently.  

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