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Welder sues firm for £200,000 after being hit by a metal frame

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A welder who was hit by a falling metal frame has sued a Downham firm for up to £200,000 in compensation. 40-year-old Scott Fewster had been working as a welder at a skateboard ramp manufacturers, called Highline Extreme, when a metal frame fell on him. He said that the metal frame pushed him back onto a concrete floor, which left him with severely debilitating injuries.

He suffered injuries to his head and neck, soft tissue injuries to his forearms, and severe bruising all over his body. He said he was unable to do anything for three months after the incident, and required frequent personal care. Following the accident, Mr Fewster had to undergo three operations on his hands, however, he still has a constant ache in both wrists. He said that he still suffers with serious pain in his neck, dizziness, and stiffness. He has also been unable to return to any of his previous hobbies, which included drumming and judo.

Major loss of earnings

Since the accident in May 2010, the company responsible admitted liability for the accident. However, it was heard that both parties were unable to reach an agreement concerning compensation. Mr Fewster argues that he will be unable to return to heavy manual work, and is now on a 30-hour contract, on light duties. It was heard that he had been unable to return to work before February of last year, so the loss of earnings would play a large part in the compensation package.

Mr Fewster is still awaiting assessment by a consultant neuropsychiatrist to determine the prognosis for his injuries.

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