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Bus technology to prevent accidents

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New detection software has been fitted to four London buses for a trial period of six weeks. The technology will detect pedestrians and cyclists, with the hope that accidents will be greatly reduced on the roads. The software alerts bus drivers when pedestrians and cyclists are close to the vehicle, making drivers more aware of their spatial surroundings.

The selected trial buses run on the route 25 and 73, with two different trial systems due to start on the 15th of August.  Transport for London plans to trial two different systems – CycleEye from Fusion Processing Limited and Cycle Safety Shield from Safety Shield Systems Limited – to determine which is most effective. A report of the findings will be published later in the year.

Two systems

The system from CycleEye uses radar and optical technology to detect nearby cyclists and pedestrians. The system gives audio alerts of their presence to the bus driver directly. The Cycle Safety Shield system detects pedestrians and cyclists in a similar way, yet gives signals to the driver first by a visual warning, and then by an audio alert.

TfL’s managing director for surface transport, Leon Daniels, said: “The number of people cycling in London is increasing, therefore it is vital that we continue to make London’s streets as safe as possible.

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