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Families of injured children take legal action

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The families of 28 injured schoolchildren have launched legal action just over a month after two buses collided during their school runs. The accident happened in County Durham on the 3rd of June when one bus, taking children to Tanfield School, crashed into another bus that had been taking children to St Bede’s School. The two buses crashed head-on in Lanchester, with two drivers and 28 children taken to hospital as a result.

The accident happened in Shield Row Lane, near the junction of the A693. One law firm is due to represent fifteen of the injured pupils after it was announced that one of the bus operators had already admitted liability for the accident.  The accident happened between one double-decker bus, under the operation of Go North-East, and another single-decker, operated by Stanley Travel. Stanley Travel admitted liability following the accident.

“Improve bus safety in the future”

Lawyers believe that an investigation into the actual cause of the crash could make a huge impact on the safety of vehicles for the future. One of the specialist injury lawyers representing the schoolchildren said: “We are now helping to investigate exactly what went wrong to provide answers to the families as to what caused the crash and so that we can learn from the incident to improve bus safety in future.

One of the passengers, thirteen-year-old Sean Williamson, had been sitting behind the driver when the accident happened.  He suffered serious injuries to his legs and neck after a metal bar hit him during the crash. Despite not being one of the most severely injured in the accident, he now suffers with flashbacks and nightmares.

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