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Concerns raised over compensation culture in UK primary schools

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Figures released yesterday have revealed that hundreds of primary school pupils are receiving record payouts. The last five years has seen the funding of £3.3million worth of compensation in school injury claims, with injuries spanning from slipping on wet floors to hitting heads on goalposts. Even though calculations lead to the figure of £3.3million, experts believe that the true cost is much more.

These figures, obtained by the Employment Law Advisory Service, involve schools across England’s three biggest cities: London, Birmingham and Manchester. Health and safety consultant Wayne Dunning, however, argued that this figure is only representative of the “tip of the iceberg”, with the total number of payouts being much more.

‘Protected from the risks of growing up’

Payouts included the compensation of £56,000 to a youngster who was hit by another child on an inflatable slide. £13,500 being paid-out to a schoolboy who slipped on a wet floor at school. And £10,000 to two pupils who hit their heads on goalposts. Critics have argued that a culture is developing whereby children are prevented from taking the normal risks of growing up.

Figures showed that 1,980 personal injury claims were made against schools in the three major cities within the last five years, with almost a quarter of them being successful. London saw £1.6million being paid out by councils, while Manchester paid out more than £1.5million and Birmingham £190,000.

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