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Council paid out £70,000 for pothole damage

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Suffolk County Council has paid out £70,000 to claimants for pothole damage over the last two years. The figures were released under a Freedom of Information request, which uncovered the sum to be made up of personal injury compensation, vehicle damage, legal fees and other costs.

The council received 173 claims in the financial year 2012/13, which rose to 353 last year. Of these claims, a total of 78 were successful. Where the number of claims increased, the amount paid out by the council decreased. In 2012/13 they paid out a total of £56,576, in comparison to the £12,302 paid out last year.

“Disappointed if those claims got to those levels again”

A spokesman for the AA addressed the issue and said: “With the good summer weather we would be very disappointed if those claims got to those levels again in the future.

A spokesperson from the county council said that Suffolk’s roads are inspected on a regular basis by the highways service. When potholes and road defects are recognised, they are graded and placed into order of priority. Serious road damage is mended immediately.

The largest claim the county council ever paid out to was in October 2012 – the claimant received £20,428 in compensation. 

Earlier this year it was announced that the council is to receive £3milion for road repairs, which should significantly cut the number of future accidents.  

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