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Dog attacks continue to rise

Posted in: Animal Attacks 

Following Saturday’s accident, which saw a woman viciously attacked by two dogs in Leominster, police have recognised that the number of dog attacks is on the rise. The attack on Saturday saw the main victim airlifted to hospital, while a further two women were also significantly injured and required hospital treatment. It was believed that the two dogs were a Bull Mastiff and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The woman remains in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in a stable condition.

Staffordshire Police reported that they have dealt with around 200 dog-attack accidents in the last year. Dog wardens in Worcestershire also reported to have caught a total of 3,000 dogs in the last year – twice as many as they did in previous years. Dog warden Pip Singleton said that around 25-30% of dogs are behaving more aggressively than reported in the past, many of which are Pit Bull terriers. 

Temperament dependent on owner

At a Birmingham dog home, 50% of the 107 dogs kept there are Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Jim Beaufoy, the secretary of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers Club, however, said that the temperament of the animal is entirely dependent on the dog’s owner. He said that when the dogs are “in the wrong hands, used for the wrong purposes, that’s where the troubles come in”.

Police are currently examining both of the dogs involved in Saturday’s attack as neither of their breeds have been explicitly identified. Two men have been arrested in relation to the accident and remain in police custody.

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