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Dog owner banned

Posted in: Animal Attacks 

A man from Bedworth has been banned from owning dogs after he pleaded guilty to owning dangerous dogs that caused injury. 58-year-old Jasvinder Chana admitted to owning two dogs that caused injury on two separate occasions, on Monday 11th August and Wednesday 13th August. The victims, a fourteen-year-old boy and a fourteen-year-old girl, were both left with severe injuries following the attacks.

Mr Chana had been out walking his dogs in his local area when the incidents happened.  One of his dogs, a German Shepard, has had a destruction order placed on it, while the other, a Mastiff-like breed, has had conditions placed on it by the court under a ‘Contingent Destruction Order’ – this will include it wearing a lead and muzzle in public at all times.

£1,586 fine

In court Mr Chana was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, a suspension of 12 months and a fine of £1,586, (including compensation for the victims and kennel costs). On top of this, he has been banned from owning dogs for the rest of his life.

A dog legislation officer from Warwickshire Police, PC Michael Barnett, said: “It is our priority to protect people from harm. Police will take a positive interventionist approach where members of the public are not acting as responsible dog owners.

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