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Outcry over dog destruction

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A wave of public anger has overcome the Derby community after a destruction order was placed on a dog forced to bite a shop assistant by its owner. Tia, a “pitbull or Staffordshire” type dog, was forced by her owner, Jessiah Johnson, to attack a shop assistant in November last year. Magistrates ordered the destruction of the dog following the incident, which has resulted in a public outcry with people arguing that the dog should not be held responsible.

Tia was ordered to bite the assistant by its owner, after which it hung off his thigh for under a minute before Jessiah’s girlfriend told him to stop. The shop assistant required hospital treatment for his injuries. Johnson denied setting his dog on the worker but was convicted of owning a dangerously out of control dog after the hearing.  He was sentenced to sixteen weeks’ custody, suspended for two years, and forced to pay £150 compensation to the shop worker.

“The real culprit gets freedom?”

Tia is currently in police kennels, with police unsure as to who actually owns the dog now. One member of the public said: “So the innocent dog, who was forced to do this, is being killed and the real culprit gets freedom without even a ban on pet ownership?” their solicitor argued that the dog is a threat to the public and should certainly be destroyed.

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