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Man rescues child from dog attack

Posted in: Animal Attacks Head and Brain Injuries 

A Leicestershire Crown Court judge has praised a man after saving a four-year-old child from a serious dog attack. It was heard that the dog had clamped its jaws on the young girl’s face, so the man wrestled the dog off her and managed to tether it. It was heard that the Staffordshire bull terrier, Bullet, had escaped from its owner’s garden and attacked a few of the children playing in the street.

Andrei Ghitoaica witnessed the dog attack after hearing screams of distress from the young girl’s mother who was holding the child as the dog attacked. Mr Ghitoaica grabbed the dog’s jaw, releasing its grip, and then managed to distract it with a traffic cone before tying it up. The young girl suffered serious facial injuries in the attack and had to spend three days in hospital.

“remorseful, shocked and saddened”

The dog’s owner, Stephen Ivers from Northfields, arrived on the scene at 6:50pm on Thursday, 2 July. It was heard that he was “remorseful, shocked and saddened” by what had happened and later pleaded guilty to owning a dangerously out of control dog that caused injury.

Mr Ivers was given a two-year conditional discharge, was ordered to pay the girl £500 in compensation and £100 in compensation to her brother, who also suffered minor personal injuries. Judge Mooncey ordered the destruction of the dog. Mr Ivers was ordered to pay an additional £900 criminal courts charge.

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