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Woman in legal dispute with BT after car accident

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A woman is currently battling BT for personal injury compensation after her car became tangled in cables and pulled down a telegraph pole. 56-year-old Yvonne Battie had been driving home from her sister’s house when the accident happened in December 2012. It was heard that cables from a telegraph pole had snapped and become caught on the underside of Ms Battie’s car, pulling her car off the road and causing the pole to come down on top of her. The pole smashed her windscreen, missing her face by inches.

Following the incident, Ms Battie had to undergo surgery when doctors discovered a serious fracture in her neck. Since opening the legal fight for her injury, BT has offered to pay her £5,000 in compensation. Ms Battie, however, wants double this amount due to the severity of her injuries.

“freak accident”

Ms Battie described what happened as a “freak accident”. She said: “The policeman said at the time if the pole had been six inches longer it would have impaled me.

Following Ms Battie’s operation, she was forced to take seven months off work and claims this has cost her around £1,200 per month in wages and overtime. She is also due to have another operation on her shoulder, an injury that was also caused by the accident.

A BT spokesman said that the firm is “continuing discussions with Ms Battie’s solicitors for a resolution”.

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