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Injured teachers receive record £26m in compensation

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Newly released figures have revealed that school staff have been awarded a record of £26 million in compensation. One teacher received £110,000 after tripping on a pothole in the driveway of the school she worked at. She is just one of the hundreds of school staff who have claimed for a work-related injury

The NASUWT teaching union assisted many of its members in claiming compensation, winning teaching staff more than £20 million in 2013. This figure was up a third on the previous year, with the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) winning over £5million for its members.

Teacher unable to return to work

The largest payout was to a 33-year-old secondary school teacher who was awarded £114,000 for a serious injury sustained after being assaulted by two pupils after trying to break up their fight. The pupils had been fighting in a “dangerously high balcony area” and she suffered head, face, neck, arm, and shoulder injuries as a result. The teacher developed fibromyalgia and serious post-traumatic-stress after the incident and was unable to return to work. 

Other compensation payouts included a teacher who received £110,000 after dislocating her ankle, while another teacher injured her shoulder slipping on an icy ramp on the school site. She received £79,000.

NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said: “Behind every one of these cases is a person who has been damaged physically or mentally, either because of injury or unfair dismissal,”

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