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Redbridge council sees highest payouts for accidents at school

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New figures have revealed that Redbridge Council has paid out almost £100,000 in compensation to people involved in accidents at school.  Out of all of London’s 32 boroughs, Redbridge Council sees the 5th highest amount of payouts, with neighbouring Waltham Forest compensating as little as half of Redbridge Council, with only a third of the claims.  The figures showed that over the last five years, the council has received 61 personal injury claims that relate to children, staff, parents, visitors, and contractors.

Figures uncovered by the freedom of information disclosure to the Employment Law Advisory Service (ELAS) found that in total, injuries in schools across London have cost the taxpayer over £1.6million in the last five years.  Although Redbridge Council provided no explicit details regarding the claims made against them, injuries included fractured and broken bones, severed fingers caused by unsafe classroom equipment and incidents involving PE apparatus.  Redbridge Council also did not reveal how many of these claims were successful.

Misleading and inaccurate

ELAS Lead health and safety consultant, Wayne Dunning, said: “Health and safety is not being managed properly in the education sector and this is costing taxpayers millions, not only in direct compensation, but also additional hidden costs from administration.

A spokesman for the council, however, said that the figures are misleading and inaccurate.  He argued that councils gather their figures differently from other local authorities, meaning that a direct comparison is not valid.

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