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Wrongly tasered man accepts settlement from police force

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A blind man who was accidently tasered when his white walking stick was mistaken for a sword has accepted an out-of-court settlement with Lancashire Police. The man, who remains anonymous by a court order, was involved in the incident in October 2012, and is still greatly affected by the memory of it.

Following the incident, the man brought a claim for false imprisonment, assault and battery and breach of the Human Rights Act 1998 against Lancashire Constabulary. He said that the taser attack was completely unexpected, and has left him with post-traumatic stress disorder as well as feeling “very nervous” when out in public on his own.

“unnecessary and disproportionate”

The man described being tasered as feeling like “grabbing an electricity pylon”. The settlement took into account the effect the incident had had on the man, with his lawyer said that the settlement figure was undisclosed.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission conducted a full investigation of the incident and found that the responsible police officer had definitely used “a level of force that was unnecessary and disproportionate”. Following a disciplinary hearing in 2014, the PC apologised to the man face-to-face and was given a “performance-improvement notice”.

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